Tuesday, January 31, 2012

having things you don't need

i admit it, i kind of have an obsession with long skirts. the good thing about this is that Cambodia only allows me to wear long skirts, because it's disrespectful to show your knees. the bad thing about this is that i only packed one long skirt & the weather will be in the 90-100's, extremely humid, and monsooning the whole time i'll be there.

so i thought i'd write a little something on a few things that i'm in need of.

firstly, long skirts.
my friends, [especially you wonderful thrifters over there in chicago], if you come across any skirt that is below the knee & feel the urge to send it my way, please do!

these skirts are good examples, and very lovely.

another need clothing wise are tshirts/dresses that cover the shoulder. i should have thought more when i was packing, but once again, i only packed about 2 tshirts, and i only have 1 dress that covers my shoulders [but i still have to wear leggings because of my knees]! linen pants, or capris would be wonderful too. ha, i'm going to be sweating like crazy. so once again, if you find lightweight tshirts or tshirt-dresses in your closet or in a store, please send them!

these are just nice, shoulder covering dresses that i adore.
so if you are out & about thrifting, shopping, cleaning out your closet, or have that bag that's been  waiting to go to Goodwill, remember me! ; ) lightweight, linen, cotton, shoulder and knee covering clothes are my new favorite things [& would make great birthday presents]!

thirdly, please continue praying for us all on our journeys here. for myself individually, that i would continue to pursue Jesus with an undivided heart & a fire in my soul, for my team as we unite as a family and prepare to go to Cambodia, for safety, for financial miracles to happen with everyone here, for revival to come to the nations, and for Gods love to be spread like wildfire and welcomed with open arms.

here's my address:
Ariel Frey
Fire & Fragrance DTS #429
75-5851 Kuakini Highway
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

[i'll post more soon about all of the revelations & teachings i've been experiencing & listening to. there's been so much! i'm exhausted, but it's been so good. be patient with me :D]

can't wait for my birthday! only 12 more days...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


my sweet love, Zilah
some chickens

my dream life
our aquaphonic farm

a nice hike up to the coffee plantation to see some beans.
the first buds of the coffee tree
my first time eating lychee [it tastes like a grape]
a lovely view to wake up to. i sure ain't in the midwest anymore.
my lovely Michelle.
the day of sea turtles.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

say yes

will you follow me without having to have it all figured out?

follow me."

Noah said yes. 
He built a boat for 100 years with unwavering trust.

Abraham said yes. 
He was willing to sacrifice his only son.

are you ready to follow without understanding?


this past week has been a full on free fall. 
let me just tell you that i believe my DTS family has fully heard the voice of God. we have heard that whisper. we have felt His heart beat for us. 
it is His call that has brought us together. He has brought us from so many different backgrounds, so many different journeys, so many sicknesses, so many accidents and trials, so many bankrupt moments, so much brokenness and met us there. He met us there and said child, come follow me. and he continued to pull us out, to provide for us immensely, and brought us together as one family with the same desire. to be on fire for Him.
and each one of us is a warrior. completely on fire for God. completely in love & hungry to know our Maker more. we have heard!  through simple obedience we have followed! and now we lay down our lives together, a complete surrender, because what else do we have!? He is our inheritance.

"come follow me. come. come trust me, come fall into my arms. let me love you. let me show you your true identity. come."

this past week has taught me a tremendous amount.
it's taught me humility.
the UNFATHOMABLE amount of love that He has for me. i've felt it. i've been completely rocked by it.
i've learned God as my Lover. that He cherishes me. that i am the apple of His eye. 
i am learning daily how to chose His love, & not the false things of this world.
i am letting Him consume me. i am understanding how to dwell in His presence. how to linger. how to stay a while. 
i am learning that He is everything i have ever desired. 
that I AM NOT DEFINED BY MY SIN. WE ARE NO LONGER SLAVES OF SIN. i am defined by beauty.
how to live without fear, without inhibitions because it's THERE that deep intimacy lies. 
how to live in the urgency of the hour we live in.
what i yield to is what i operate in.

i am a new creation.
& i will follow Him into the darkest places.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the big reveal...

& the outreach location is...


so the winners are my lovely friends Kirstin & Hillary (and my mom)! send me your addresses and you'll receive a nice little gift from Hawaii :o)

& for those of you who were trying to guess the two i put down for my top two choices, they were Cambodia & Mozambique!
it was so fun to hear where all of you thought I would end up. i wish i could go to all them.

but in the meantime, I AM SO EXCITED TO GO TO CAMBODIA!!! I felt God's voice whisper Cambodia to me everyday in almost everything i did. I definitely don't know what's in store, but I am so excited to experience the beauty of this nation. SO EXCITED.

please be praying with me for the country of Cambodia. for the people, for their hearts to be stirred & hungry for the love of Jesus Christ. for a new revelation of Christ's love for them to overwhelm their hearts, their minds, their souls. for protection as we travel, for unity, that we may understand what a true family is among each other, for boldness, for forgiveness, and for everlasting compassion.

HERE. WE. GROW. thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

following His call

today has had such an energy about it, there's been an electricity among the campus that's filled us with anticipation & so much excitement. 

today is the day that they released the outreach location options. 

because our DTS is so big, we can't all go to one outreach location. imagine about 120 people being dropped in a foreign country...so overwhelming! so the staff prayed well before we came for God to reveal to them places all around the world that are yearning for love, that are in a deep need for light to flood their nation and be overcome with God's grace and compassion.

so can you imagine all of us!?
we were freakin out.
i almost jumped out of my seat when they passed out the sheets in which we were supposed to write our top 2 choices. i think we all almost did, we were hungry to know what places God had in store for our group. to hear His voice lead us to one specific location, the intimacy in His call towards a whole nation! and we get to listen. we get to follow. He has placed a nation in all of our hands to surrender all to.
how beautiful.

& since we are so large, we had to choose two possible outreach locations, just in case there are too many people in one and we need to get moved around to create balance and unity among us.

so how about this.
i'll list the countries & you can take a guess as to where God will lead me. if you get it right, i'll send you a nice little package from Hawaii! 
staff is praying over each one of us & will place us in specific locations (based on the two we wrote down) in a few days, so hopefully i'll be able to reveal where i'm going by Friday! you can also try & guess the two countries i wrote down...here we go!

the East Coast of the USA
China/North Korea
South Africa

i'll keep you posted!!! good luck ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

day one

i'm in bed.
it's 8 pm.

i willingly embrace the bedtime of a small child due to the 15 hours of travel yesterday, one of the earliest mornings i've had since high school, the immense amount of excitement & socializing among hundreds of us students, the humidity that hates my hair & melts my Lush products, the belly full of hawaiian food, and one of the most energized worship sessions i've ever experienced.
this calls for one good nights rest.

but before i sleep the hardest i'll most likely ever sleep, i thought i'd share the things i've witnessed already (my apologies for the choppiness or lack of cohesion, i truly am exhausted).

i made it to Kona last night around 9:10 pm (Hawaiian time, for you who live in the midwest, i'm about 4-5 hours behind you). immediately upon arrival, i met two people who know a very good family friend of mine back in grand rapids, and one of my dear friends back in chicago. talk about a small world.

i've met tons of people, seen hundreds of faces, all of them representing a different place they call home. i think i was told we have about 92 students in my DTS, and we're still expecting more! we have the most students this quarter than any other in YWAM history. we are representing over 44 nations, and we are all in love and hungry for Jesus Christ. there are so many families here! i think they said around 72 children are on campus. & they are all so BEAUTIFUL! a gorgeous little girl named Rosaline sat next to me tonight at the Luau and clapped, sang, crawled, laughed, ate crayons, and smiled at me with her big brown eyes as we watched the Hawaiian woman dance & men breathe fire. 

i learned of the speakers to come in these next three months. i can't contain my excitement:
andy byrd, taylor stutts, amy sollars, loren & darlene cunningham, heidi baker, tom & donna cole, jon & kinsey thurlow, charles stock, jonathan helser, corey stark, brian bennt, sean feucht, lou engle, susi childers, michael & angela pinkston, and tom osterhus.

seriously, my world is about to get rocked.

i also learned my address. if you'd like to send me letters, photos, packages, anything! please do! postage is the same as it is anywhere in the US. 

Ariel Frey
Fire & Fragrance DTS #429
75-5851 Kuakini Highway
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

this place is alive. 
everyday we greet one another with a kiss, with an "aloha".
alo means: front, face, presence. ha means: breath.
so when you give someone an aloha, you are acknowledging the mahalo, the divine blessing and presence that dwells and breathes life inside of them.
so you touch your forehead and nose to "kiss" the other person, just long enough to give them a breath & praise to our God above.
there is so much beauty there. may we acknowledge the breath of life in everyone daily.

here we grow.


i am here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!