Friday, October 26, 2012



if you'd like to get a taste of what's going on in the tent over here, you can live stream our groovy corporate sets every night from 7-9 pm eastern time. you can also check out our webcast to see clips of previous nights and hear some rad testimonies. click this link yo!:

if you want more information on David's Tent, what it's about, etc., here is our website that talks all about that and what's going on over here:

in recent news, hurricane sandy is headed right for the east coast & we have relocated to a local church for the next couple of days until it passes. keep us in your prayers!

i'm not sure this video will load (you'll need facebook), but a week ago our leadership track spent 12 hours of the night (7pm-7am) together and circa 6am-ish, we jammed hard. here's a little sound of the wild grooves that were made:

ps // we are now on the 1am-7am watch and the transition over has been rough but so full of goodness. we are hoping our bodies will adjust even more and be completely healthy and would appreciate prayers for that as well! only 11 more days!

all my love!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

awake in the night

this is my home. the top left window is mine.

this is David's Tent during the night watch (the only time i'm there). & the beautiful full moon.

these are some pretty faces on my team.

Jason Hershey kicking off the first night. it was a full house and so beautiful! we observed Yom Kippur together for the first 24 hours.

the Washington Monument in all of its isolated eeriness.

we watch the lights go off in the White House every night. one time we had to evacuate the Ellipse (all that grass) because the President wanted to walk his dog.


learn more here at:

right now our team is split up into two night watches. i am currently on the 7p-1a watch and my other friends on the leadership track are on the late watch from 1a-7a.
come monday we are switching!
please pray that we will have an easy transition and all the energy in the world to lead sets through these late hours. 

all my love!