Monday, April 1, 2013

He has risen

may easter be a reminder to live every day in celebration of His victory and grace.
not just easter sunday.

a reminder that we carry the same power of the resurrection in our on veins, giving us strength to be triumphant in all things. 

may it be a time to celebrate to endless love and constant grace we have over our lives.

may it be a reminder that every day should be lived in constant awe and thanksgiving to our Maker.
so laugh at everything, sing while you're walking, give thing to strangers, write letters to your grandparents, make telephone calls to your friends, give flowers away.
let the whole earth shake with jovial celebration that we are free and He has risen indeed.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

an update & a need!

to my lovely friends & family,
here is a much needed update from kona, hawaii!
i am so excited to take a team to NYC, but am still in need of finances and without your help i won't be able to go! please feel free to share this with others and click the donate button on the right side!
thank you all so much!