Wednesday, September 26, 2012

zombies, vampires, & jesus

the east coast has swallowed me up in it's goodness.

last night was my first time down to the Ellipse where our tent is set up, and i had to take a moment to let it soak into my bones.
how funny that a bunch of cement and metal can be so surreal.

i could throw a rock from our tent at the Washington Monument, and to be honest, maybe i've thought about it. i'm not very keen to it's red eyes that blink down at me and it's cold body that isolates itself from the creation around it.
maybe it's just lonely. maybe the grass and i aren't tall enough to admire it the way we should.

as i walked around our space looking at all these historical buildings rich in stories, the sun set right above the Lincoln Memorial. right above the man i share a birthday with.
and i think maybe it was then that i fell a little bit in love with DC.
it was then that i realized i would call this place home for a little bit. 

downtown is a bit different from where we live. 
the window next to my bunk bed sounds a bit more like Chicago, cop cars & ambulances talking late at night, and people hollering into the wee hours of the night.
i was told not to buy candy bars at the corner store across the street because they melt and then remold and melt again. most everything is behind glass and bars, but the people are warmer than the buildings. i like Anacostia's character. it has culture i'm familiar with.

to all my pen pals and wanna be's, this is for you.
if you would like to send me a letter, it gets sent right to me at our house of prayer.
if you'd like to send me a package, you'll have to put down a different address because the mailmen aren't very keen to them here.

1300 Good Hope Rd. SE       2340 Q St. SE
Washinton DC, VA            Washington DC, VA
20020                       20020

can i just say that i didn't know i was in the state of virginia?
i can't tell you where i thought i was, but lord knows i need to study my states a bit more.

we did our first night watch last night in the tent from 7pm-1am and for some reason i am feeling like a zombie. it's not much of a vampire schedule yet, but i think the cold and the long day we had calls for a nap.

all is well.
the new mumford & sons album is on my ears and hot tea is on my tongue. 
all is very well.