Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a to b life

things have been interesting these days

i guess that's what you should expect when you're stuck in the middle of transition

through all of the excitement of being back home (or wherever that is), the familiar feeling begins to wear & the daunting pressure of our social norms begin to press in.

no, i do not have a permanent residency
& no, i do not have a salary that supports my make believe elaborate lifestyle
nor do i have a college degree to even potentially give me that.

but in between that awkward pause where we're all worried about my future and how i'll be able to survive, i'll tell you this:

my home is in the Lord. 
i may be a vagabond, but quite frankly i like the way that sounds (maybe i'll even get it tattooed on my knuckles).
i know i'll always have a couch to sleep on or a bed to share, food from some friends kitchens or even free sandwiches from your room mate at the coffee shop down the road (thanks again ipsento, but i'm pretty sure you don't know that).
i know that this counter girl bakery job won't last me forever, but it sure as heck helps pay the bills, fills my belly with sweets, and builds relationships with some wonderful people.  

i know that there are passions inside of me waiting to be molded.
waiting for that perfect, sweet timing for it all to unfold.
to make music
to write
to garden
to photograph
to craft
to explore
to have my own home
to live in the mountains, in the woods, and by the sea.

until then, here's to you chicago.